Student-hosted Minecraft Server, in SUTD!

Local IP

For faster connections within SUTD

Because of quirks with the SUTD network, you might be able to connect to one of these addresses but not the other at any given time. We recommend you add both addresses in your Minecraft server browser.

Remote IP

For playing while at home, or when subnet changes

Live maps of the minecraft world, like google maps! Local, Remote

Port number: 25565. Current Game Version: 1.14.4 JAVA EDITION. Use the JAVA EDITION of Minecraft, not the Windows 10 "Bedrock" edition!

Addresses last updated 15 Sept 2019. Join the #minecraft channel on ISTD Slack for updates.

GriefProtect available! You can protect your assets from griefing in the server.

WorldEdit available! Ask us for builder privileges.

Server changelog

23 Decembet

Major changes:

12 December

Local IP address changed from 10.12 subnet to 10.16 subnet, SUTD gateway just... ran away, yet again.

14 November

Local IP address changed from 10.16 subnet to 10.12 subnet, SUTD gateway just... ran away. Again.

6 November

Local IP address changed from 10.12 subnet to 10.16 subnet, SUTD gateway just... ran away.

21 September

Apply x8 harvest bonus for coal and all varieties of wood.

20 September

  • Make dynmap render map tiles in parallel (parallelrendercnt: 4)
  • Always show layers on dynmap web client (sidebaropened: true)
  • 19 September

  • Chang mob spawn limit to 140
  • Fix bug where guests on the dynmap website would always have the chat name of the last logged in player:
    • hidewebchatip: false
    • trustclientname: true
    • use-player-login-ip: false
  • 18 September

    17 September

    Add sethome and graves functionality: you can now set world teleportation points where you can teleport to, such as your base. Graves are also enabled now for easier death recovery.

    16 September

    Increase ore harvest rate by x8 – mining a (naturally generated) ore block will now give you x8 the ore. This is so you spend less time mining and more time exploring and building with your friends!